Buying a car should not be as stressful as speaking in public; nor should it be a full-time job. At Subaru of Keene, we will not ask artificially high prices just to be in a better position to negotiate with you. We combine honest pricing with no games or gimmicks - just world-class service.

There are 4 elements to a "Good Deal" and we'll explain how to put them to work for you.
  1. Price of the new (or used) car
  2. Trade-in value
  3. Financing
  4. Overall value


Let's face it, nobody pays sticker price on a new car anymore. That's primarily a guide to compare the value of one car from another. Many people believe that dealers make thousands of dollars in profit on new car sales. Actually, it's only in the hundreds. 80% of a dealer's revenue comes from the long-term servicing of vehicles, not the sale. Competition and technology has changed the car buying process from a seller's market to a buyer's market. With a little bit of research, an informed buyer can determine exactly what a dealer pays for a car. At Subaru of Keene, we'll save you the time and show you the invoice. If we can agree on a reasonable profit for a particular vehicle, that's one element working for you.

TIP: We are often asked, "Why can't you just publish a 'no-dicker' price of the car the way Saturn did?"  Saturn is out of business and their pricing model severely limited them. Price often depends on availability (supply and demand) and other factors that dealers can't control.

Considering another brand? Click the Advanta-Star Comparison Tool.

Subaru of Keene uses market data to price its used cars very competitively with the market. We do not over inflate the price to give us more negotiating room. This can frustrate some people because they are used to asking for huge discounts at other dealers on overpriced cars and believe we do the same thing. We believe that if the car is priced right, it will sell. We have a huge used car inventory from loyal customers who trade up every few years.

Every used car is unique making it hard to compare "apples to apples". Some things to consider besides price include the vehicle history report (which we will show you), service history, warranty and general condition.

DID YOU KNOW that at least eight people work on every car sold at Subaru of Keene? They include back office staff (title and records management), Service Writer, Mechanic, Parts Department, Reconditioning Team, Salesperson, Sales Manager, and Finance Manager. There are over 33 people employed at Subaru of Keene whose job is to make sure you have the BEST car buying experience and that your vehicle is well maintained. We make it easy - for YOU!



One of the most contentious elements of a car purchase is the value of the trade. Let's face it, we all believe our current car is worth more than what it probably is or what someone else will pay for it.  Valuing a trade is difficult work. It requires experience, use of technology, and just plain common sense. For example, trading in a Mini Cooper convertible in November will have less value than trading it in April. Also, vehicles will loose some value when there is a major design change for the same model. In some cases the sources above will vary by thousands of dollars. So what's the value of your trade? It's somewhere in between the five sources above less deductions for damage, repairs, etc.  At Subaru of Keene, we will use all of the resources available to us to fairly and accurately determine the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your trade and back it up with documentation to show how we arrived at that number.

Some dealers will over-inflate the value of a trade (because that's what you want to hear) but then over-price the car you are buying. Remember, a GOOD DEAL is the lowest price on the new car and a fair ACV for your trade. Each should be considered separately. 

Auto financing is not always black and white. While credit score is a major component to getting financed and at the best rates, there are other factors that may affect financing including: young adult with no established credit, previous bankruptcies, payment history, income, outstanding debt, etc. Subaru of Keene does not approve/deny financing. This is done by the banks - often electronically within seconds of submitting the application. Our Finance Manger does have influence with certain lenders and may request a personal review for exceptions and waivers. His goal is to get you the best finance package at the best rate possible (so that we can sell more cars)!

sp TIP: Some believe that a cash buyer gets a better price than a finance buyer because the dealer gets their money faster. That used to be the case 20+ years ago but now with electronic banking, it makes no difference to the dealer how the customer pays.

Study after study reveals that price is not the # 1 consideration in buying a new or used car. What's # 1? EXPERIENCE. Customers will travel farther for a good experience and to a dealer with a good reputation . People buy cars from people they like and they are willing to travel to do it. It's one reason why so many of our customers come from Vermont and Mass past other Subaru dealers.  At Subaru of Keene, your positive experience starts from your initial phone or internet contact thru the purchase process and long-term servicing of your vehicle. What adds value? At Subaru of Keene we:
  • LISTEN to your needs and HELP you find the car you want instead of trying to "SELL" you something.
  • Actually answer your questions.
  • Are very transparent - we'll show you everything
  • Treat you fairly and honestly
  • Have an excellent reputation
  • Educate you about the brand and your car with our new car owner clinics.
  • Provide a Lifetime Powertrain Coverage on every new Subaru sold at no cost to you.
  • Publish and abide by our Customer Bill of Rights 

Please stop by  Subaru of Keene for the BEST car buying
experience you have ever had.

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