Subaru owners love their cars and are the most loyal of any brand. The stories below were submitted by Subaru of Keene customers (like you) who want to share their love for their car. Read stories about how Subarus have changed lives forever and helped our customers do things they couldn't do with other vehicles. So grab a hanky and enjoy.

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"I'm a nurse working the evening shift at busy little hospital on the other side of a very curvy mountain. I have to drive home late, rain, shine or snow! I can't 'call in' due to bad weather with a floor full of patients who depend on me. But with my Subaru I make to work and back home to my family safe and sound without white knuckles. Subaru's are great!" Darcy G.

"My last three cars have been Suburus and I have loved them all! I just bought my last one on June 26th from you in Keene after researching "deals" online and in dealerships in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. You had the exact car that I wanted and in three hours I came, signed, and drove away in my new car....and, my monthly payments are less than before! Can't beat that!! My Subarus have taken me anywhere I need to go in the worst of all weather conditions and there is never any worry that my little Sport would not make it. Thanks Subaru for getting me to my important appointments at the doctors, golf course, ski mountains, and sports games, especially in the winter when I am officiating basketball. The bus may be late but I never am! Now if only my wife could drive one, too. I would be worry free!" Robin B. 

"I was a private party nurse for a patient who was elderly, had Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease. She was at home, living with family, and was starting to go into "final stages". It was an evening in late January when I got a call from the family. No other nurses could make it up the steep dirt country road to their home in rural VT. A Jeep Wagoner and Chevy Truck had already gotten stuck in deep mud earlier in the week. The weather outside was rain and sleet mixed with snow.
  "I was 7 months pregnant but I had my 4 door Subaru Legacy and I knew (we - my baby and I) we would be safe. So we drove all the way to that remote home in Vermont AND MADE IT ALL THE WAY (NO KIDDING). One foot of mud, sleet & snow on a Friday night! I drove home in 2 feet of snow on that Sunday afternoon. It was meant to be as the mom had a really bad night and the family was so grateful I was there. I was too! My Legacy was a blessing from God! That is why I love Subarus."   Robin R.

  "I own a 1998 Subaru Outback Limited. It is the best family car for us and the dog. The dog "(and me too) love love love the heated leather seats in the front, not to mention the spacious cargo space. We've traveled cross county a handful of times in it, and I won't trade it's AWD or performance for any other car, except maybe a 2010 model :) I don't think I'll ever own another make of car ever again."  Amy P.

On the day after Christmas 2012 my wife and I left home at 4:20 AM in order minimize the predicted winter weather delays on the drive to Pittsburgh, PA for a long planned visit with friends. We made it roughly 50 miles West of the I-99 exit on I-80 before we hit snow after about 9 hours of driving. The last 200 miles of the trip took us nearly 4 hours - about an hour and a half driving on I-80 experiencing whiteouts from 18 wheelers and watching many cars sliding off the road on hill climbs and down hills. Soon we turned south on Pennsylvania secondary roads towards Pittsburgh. Our 2010 AWD Subaru Outback with 4 studded snow tires was fantastic as we made it up and down hill after snow covered hill with cars and jack knifed trailer trucks all over the road without a single skid and many drivers looking longingly our way as we confidently passed them in their various predicaments. We could not have asked for more. I felt completely confident in our Subaru and it delivered!!! We had a great visit with the husband of our friends because his wife's flight from NYC to Pittsburgh on the same day as we were driving was cancelled because of the weather. She didn't get in until a day and a half later! If only she hadn't left her Subaru at home!!  Jack C.sp 

"My Subaru love story is my dad, who passed on many years ago. He ALWAYS drove Subaru's on waaaay back dirt roads in Vermont delivering newspapers in the winter before the snowplows came out.  One night I was with him, I was about 10 and he had to stop to deliver a paper halfway up a dirt hill and it had been raining for hours and then the temperature dropped and everything turned to ice, trees, newspaper boxes, telephone wires and of course the road.  My dad dropped the paper as he was trying to put it in the tube because the snow was so deep he had to reach really far out his window to get the paper into the tube, so he got out of the car to retrieve the paper and slipped right down and slid down the road and behind the car.  It took him a good 20 minutes of falling and slipping over and over until he finally reached the car and was able to get back in. Once to the car, he put the little bratt into 4wd and just like nothing, it took right off and never had a problem the whole night, I remember being amazed then and with every Subaru he has driven through rough Vermont winters,  I know they kept him safe throughout the many years he delivered papers and I'm sure he would have owned one today if he were still with us.  He started with the Subaru Bratt, which my brothers and I LOVED, we would sit in the chairs in the back and pretend we were in a space ship shooting all the "aliens" with blue license plates behind us with our megalazers!  he then switched to wagons which he had several of, always brand new every 2 or three years, he had about 3 sedans, then his last big purchase was the SVX oh how he loved that car!  Thank god for its wonderful breaking system because at 8 am in the fog on interstate 91 near Rockingham we stopped inches from a HUGE moose, can you imagine what would have happened with all those windows and the height of that car if we hadn't stopped in time?  Anyway, I have many fond memories of my dad and his Subaru's and taking the time to write down these stories, put a huge grin on my face! thank you!"  T. White

"I purchased my 6th Subaru in 2008. I have to commute 15+ miles to work each way, including several hills. I feel so comfortable in the winter driving my Subaru to work. There was one storm last year that the front of my car was actually plowing the snow and there were vehicles (including pickups) off the road in many locations. I was able to drive home without leaving sliding at all. The all-wheel drive only came on a couple times. There is nothing like a Subaru!" Holly E.

"We moved here from Ohio 4 years ago and survived (barely) our first New England winter in a Minivan.  One winter was enough for that van so I purchased my first Subaru 3 years ago.  I will never again NOT drive a Subaru!  I loved my Subaru Forester and and I just bought a new Subaru Outback yesterday!  Subaru of Keene has my business for life!" Angie C.

"I have been driving Subarus since 1984 - that's 25 years!  I live in Jaffrey, NH and for 11 years I commuted to work in Manchester, traveling over Temple, Mountain every day. In 11 years, I NEVER missed one day of work while my co-workers, who live in Manchester area, would call in that they could not make it due to inclement weather. My boss would tell them, "Corrine can make it from Jaffrey, why can't you?" I trust my Subaru and would not think about driving another car." Corrine A.

"I have 250,000 miles on my 1997 Outback, and the car has never failed me in bad weather.   We plan on having a Subaru in my family for the rest of our lives because of there dependability .  Please bring back Paul Hogan as your official spokesman. Thanks." Mike R.

"I've been driving an Impreza since 2006, and wouldn't trade it for anything." Garth M.

"My Subaru Love Story concerns my parents in law. We have had Subarus for many years. My wife's parents bought an Outback. They love to drive cross country, each of them taking a shift so that there is minimal stopping. This means that they might be driving 24 hours straight with few stops. So, on one trip they were driving late into the night. While one drove the other slept. This particular night they were both quite tired. Yep, the driver, my mother in law, fell asleep at the wheel. The car went on to the median strip of the highway, and flipped over. A testament to the design and sturdy quality of the Subaru is that they got out of the car and walked away with minor injuries. Why is this a Subaru love story? Well, these two people we love were not only protected by their car, they were saved by it!" Gene F.

"Our 1991 Legacy served us faithfully for a quarter of a million miles - a thousand times around the globe and still rolling!" Alexander S.

"I've owned my Subaru since '06. Through rain, snow or ice my Subaru has made over the mountain everyday to and from work. I have not gotten stuck or slid. The traction is great. It is a reliable car. When I turn the key it starts and I do not have any regular break down stories to tell." Lisa J.

"I have never experienced Subaru joy. I hope the hole in my life, the lack of a Subaru, will be filled through this contest. I respect and appreciate what you are doing with the cars to promote animal awareness." Patricia K.

"My husband drives his Subaru in any kind of weather year round and I never worry about his safe arrival either to or from his destination.  When the bad winter weather comes along and he is gone, I have to stay put because I don't have a Subaru!"   Judy B


"I have owned Jeeps for years and due to the economy I decided it was time to look for something more economical. My mother had owned Subarus the whole time I was growing up, so knew they had to be a great car. I went and test drove one, and bought my first Subaru Impreza. My first winter with it was last year and I was nervous about it at first. My husband had called me during a storm and told me to go up the back way because nobody's car was making it up the steep hill where I lived. I wanted to try it anyway, and my Subaru came up the hills just as good as my Jeep Commander ever did. I was so impressed and so was he. Love my Subaru!"  Jeanne W.

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"We bought our first Subaru, a 2003 Legacy Wagon.  2 Weeks later a car pulled out in front of me from nowhere as I was traveling 40 mph. ....there was not enough time to avoid colliding with them but I was able to pull the wheel to the right and avoid passing traffic, but also collided with a parked vehicle.  I still to this day remember every detail of this crash as if it were in slow motion.
The passenger of the other vehicle was hurt so bad from the impact that DART was called.  I was treated and released, other than lingering neck injury issues from the sudden stop, I can honestly say that I was AMAZED at how well my Subaru protected the occupant compartment. 
"The other 2 vehicles were totaled, our Subaru, although requiring intensive repair, was not.  I have been driving the same one (120k+ miles now) ever since.  I commute 20+ miles to work, all types of roads from 3rd class to highway, all types of weather....never a problem.     I love our Subaru and feel so safe in it...and attached...that I am having a hard time thinking about replacement.  I guess I would feel comfortable passing it down to the upcoming teenage driver...but then I will have to cut the apron string in more ways than one.  Well tough love to me..." Barb B

"We have had Subarus since 1997. We lived in the NC mountains at 4200 ft altitude, about 2 hours north of Atlanta, and I had to drive weekly to Atlanta in every kind of weather, including snow and ice(YES!!) to take care of my elderly parents in Atlanta. I had to leave the mountains at 4AM to beat the rush hour in Atlanta, and in the winter, the roads are not plowed in NC until daybreak, if they get around to it!! So there I would be in 8-10 inches of new snow, driving down a narrow two lane mountain road in my Subaru, and I never slipped one time in all those trips to Atlanta. I felt so safe.  When we moved to Keene and I started working at the Retreat in Brattleboro, I had a new set of challenges. So we bought our second Subaru Outback, so my husband could have one at home and I could have one to travel to work in. I have been through some hair raising stormy weather in the winter, commuting back and forth between Keene and Brattleboro. One day last winter I left Brattleboro in a ferocious snow storm. Route 9 had not been plowed. It took me 1 1/2 hours to get to Keene. There were cars and trucks littered all over the road, stuck.  When I got home, I told my husband, "I could kiss my Subaru."  I will never forget that day and my wonderful Subaru. To me our Subarus are more "glamorous" than any other cars on the road in New England, because they get us where we need to go safely."  Carrie H

"We have owned Subarus since 1991 and would not drive anything else. As a visiting nurse who had to go out in any weather and at all hours I depended on my Subarus to get me around in the many snowy and stormy winters as I did this. I was never let down and also appreciate the Subaru service for the infrequent times I have needed other than routine maintenance done". Pat G.

"People think I'm crazy not to worry about traveling over Chesterfield Hill each day in the winter to get to and from work.  I have always had confidence in the ability of my Legacy Outback to get me to where I'm going safely.  I tell them that I am more concerned about the other people on the road who drive anything but a Subaru.  I have driven many other types of vehicles in New England weather but not one of them has out performed my Subaru.  I am currently considering trading in my 1999 wagon for something newer and my greatest dilemma is deciding whether to stay with a wagon or another Subaru model.  It's a hard choice to make but I know whichever one I choose will see me through the worst New England weather and keep my family from worrying about me as I travel that treacherous hill."  Kimberly M.

"Coming home from the usual hard day at work, a car pulled out of a side street and stopped in front of me, blocking the lane. A car was coming in the opposite lane. I hit the brakes as best as I could and saw I just might have an opening once the oncoming car passed. I saw the opening behind the oncoming car, snapped the wheel left, hit the gas, then snapped right to go around the car nosed into my lane. it was like a video-game trick, and my Subaru handled the emergency move as if it did it all day. I've driven lots of different cars and trucks, driven a Zamboni, and flown planes and ultralights, but that was an immediate and permanent fall-in-love-with-a-dream-machine moment for me." David C.

"Since the mid eighties I have driven Subarus.  We couldn't want any better mountain goats for dependable and fun transportation.  Every time we trade cars, my hubby wants to check out other makes.  After he gets through looking, I always go back to the Subaru.  Subaru of Keene is like home to us.  Thanks Anthony and the guys."  Pat H.

"I was driving my Subaru Outback Sport from Peterborough, NH home to Temple, NH and it was snowing pretty heavily. My daughter and I were coming from the hospital and took East Mountain road which ends at Route 101. We were chatting and just driving slow and turned East on 101. We saw a car on the side of the road and stopped to see if someone was in it. Nope. 30yards further, a truck,and another 18 wheeler, and soon Temple Mountain was littered with vehicles with no one inside. "Twilight Zone?" We continued up and over the mountain and down to the base where we were stopped by a state trooper. Wow,'what is up"  we asked him. "How did you get over the mountain, it's been closed for an hour" he answered. No one has gotten over in the last couple hours. " Oh sorry we said, we did not see it was closed ,we came via Sand Hill Rd. and East mountain Rd." "How the heck did you get here from there, no one else has come through and we have Temple mountain blocked off on both ends" . "You were VERY lucky" We drove home and realized the we would always have a Subaru and we DO!"  S. Bay

"I am a proud owner of a 1999 Subaru Forester.  My car has seen me through tough winter months and mud seasons on very rural roads and steep hills around New England.   My car never had any real mechanical complications from 1999 until just this year, when it was in need of some detailed repairs.  Dale from Subaru of Keene's service department was an absolute star - just fabulous to work with.  Not only was he very friendly, he gave so much time and thought about how best to service this car.  He described all the repairs in detail, and worked carefully to get me the best price and value for my money.  This was so professional, supportive and helpful.   Thank you, and Hats off to you Dale and Subaru of Keene!  Not only do I have a car I can continue to depend on, I have even more confidence in the team at Subaru of Keene."    Vicky P

"I bought my first Subaru in 1985, and I have NEVER owned anything but a Subaru since that time.  They are dependable and last forever.  My current forester is a 2002 and it has over 250,000 miles on it.  I tried to look at other cars, but I cannot.  I will own a Subaru forever."  Kathy H.

"I bought one of the first Subarus in the Keene area and have had one ever since (well almost).  When I owned a restaurant in Dublin, we even included our Legacy wagon in our advertising, bragging about how much space there was for buying supplies (like cases of wine). I love the dependability of all-wheel drive, and the ease in which it starts, and the comfort although I sometimes forget to get gas because it uses so little! Our extended family has owned so many Subarus that I've lost track of how many, but I'm still selling folks on these cars everywhere I go. In fact I just persuaded a friend in Europe to buy a Justy!  My present Legacy Outback wagon has 140,00 miles on it and still is great although I just might be interested in a new one soon, although my gas mileage is still very good. " Frona A.

"I bought one of the last 2003 Legacy Wagon Special Editions. I absolutely love my Subaru! Knowing that we wanted to purchase & not lease, my husband & I did a lot of 'Consumer Reports' research and ended up with the best - SUBARU. I had originally wanted a Forester, but after a test drive I chose the wagon. I went from a Suburban to this little dynamite and it hasn't let me down yet. I made it over rte 124 from Jaffrey to Rindge all winter, even reported to work the day after the infamous ice storm. My next car will definitely be another Subaru:)"  Michelle C

"I am 23 years old and my very first car was a Subaru Forester. I have had my Subaru Forester since I was sixteen. It has about 160,000 miles on it and is still going strong. I went to college in upstate New York and had to go through the Green Mountains to get there. During the winter it was always the worst weather in the mountains and every one was slipping and sliding and getting stuck. But when I headed up the mountain in my Subaru, It was as if I was driving a tank. I never even slipped once. I felt so safe in my car. My mother was also happy too because she would not have to worry about me driving home for the holidays. This is why I love my Subaru." Gloria   H.
Normal 0 false false false "I loved the four Subaru's I owned, and the same goes for my parents... I remember using my first Subaru to help the Lee, MA fire department get around town to help the city get their snow plows out do to the blizzard....  Chris C

"Back in the early 80's I bought my first Subaru and loved it. I was active in many outdoor recreational clubs like biking, white water canoeing, camping and a variety of other activities. My Subaru wagon was the perfect car for my active lifestyle! I have had my eye on purchasing a new car for several years but I have not had the financial reserves at my disposal. Having a home in New Hampshire validates driving a Subaru to navigate through the challenging winters and therefore I hope that I am the lucky winner and can drive away the Subaru!" Sheila D.

"I have owned a Subaru since 1996.  In fact with a family of 4 all of us drive Subaru's.  I would not drive another car.  In 2003 I was in a car accident where I was t-boned. The car was totaled and I was uninjured. Thankfully it was a Subaru or I probably would not have been able to walk away."  Marcia D.

"I had a brand-new, shiny, black 1987 Subaru wagon. It was a great car but we traded it in when the mileage got high. Had a 1988 white hatchback that was a dream car too. In 2000 we traded that one in for a 1997 Subaru Impreza, which is what I drive now. It has ALWAYS been a good car. I love it. When I have to drive in a snowstorm, I know the All-Wheel Drive will keep me safe! It never slips! That's why I am sticking with Subaru for my next car." Marion H.

"I've been a Subaru owner since 1997 and can't imagine driving another car. I now have over 187,000 miles on it and it is still going strong as I keep it on a regular maintenance schedule. With every passing New England winter I appreciate it even more. " Joe. C.

"I have owned five Outbacks since 1991. While I haven't changed car brands, I did change dealers. I changed from one that was 5 miles away from my home to Subaru of Keene - 80 miles away. So far it's been well worth the extra miles." Monte C.

"I come from a Subaru "family" (5 Subarus between 5 drivers), and currently have a 1996 Outback Sport.  My car (Gilbert) is now at 219,315 miles (as of this morning).  I live at the top of a hill on a dead-end dirt road, and despite the fact that there are times Gilbert has plowed the road with his bumper in the winter, we always get home. ALWAYS. My Subaru has never refused to get me where I need to go, it's never let me down, and it's always gotten me home.  I trust my Subaru, and Gilbert's never failed me."   Kait B.
"We are on our second Subaru, both have been used. The best advice I ever heard was given to my wife who has just started driving. About driving in the winter, 'take it slow and trust your Subaru'. When we are ready, we will definitely be buying another Subaru at Subaru of Keene." J.   S.
"Of course the best story of the legacy is the time we drove deep into the sand pits to retrieve a Jeep that was stuck deep in the mud. huge tires   on that were on that wrangler couldn't free the jeep however when the legacy pulled that jeep ever so slowly  crawled out just like the little engine   that could." Dave M.
"My first car was a Subaru GL hatch back and I loved it. Looking buy a Subaru Forester now. No matter what brand car we have looked at we always come back to Subaru best all around value." Brian L.
"My husband is a rural mail carrier and has owned four right-hand drive Subarus. We love our Subarus.  He currently drives a '99 Subaru Legacy that has 224,000 miles on it and is still going fine.  It is his daily driver on his mail route!!  He has another '98 Subaru Legacy as his back-up vehicle   when the '99 has to go in the shop.  I will also use the '98 when the winter weather is bad.  Nothing beats the Subaru all-wheel drive for driving in the New England winters.  :)" Jean M.
"I love my Subaru!!!  People stop and ask me about my Subaru all the time. And just what is so special about MY Subaru??  I have one of the bright   yellow Baja trucks.  Being a native Vermonter, snow and ice are a part of my life.  With the all-wheel-drive, my Subaru is like a mountain goat. We live on a hill that has two choices for access.  One is a very steep, winding hill.  The other is a more gradual hill with an almost-hairpin turn at the top.  My Subaru has not failed me yet.  And, we also have a Sheltie named Chloe,.. so the Subaru Impreza that is being given away would fit perfectly with our family, graphics and all!" Darlene   K.
"I have a Forester, I use like a truck. I used it to move in to my house, stuffing every available inch, to the surprise of my friends who said "I can't believe   you got all that in there." I also load it with baby goats, ducks, chickens and geese, to take to the nursing home where I work." Lyanne   W.
"I have yet to be the proud owner of a Subaru.  We've been researching  cars for a while, different makes, different models, but always come back to   the Subaru.  Everyone I talk to, and I mean everyone, has experienced a Subaru one way or another and can't say enough good things!!  I sure hope   I win this one so I can cherish the Subaru experience!!"  Christine   M.
"We went to a friend's house in Walpole with our new Subaru Impreza.  It started to snow.  After dinner, there was about two feet of snow on the   country roads of Walpole. The Impreza busted through the snow bank and  handled the snow without a problem.  The only downfall was that we did   have an excuse to stay at our friend's house." Michael   D.
"My husband was driving to Woodstock Vermont during one of the snowstorms this past February. He drives a Subaru Outback wagon. His car went into a slide, hit the snowbank and rolled over on its side. 2 hours later he was driving the car home. Sure, it had a few dents but all the doors still work and there was no broken glass. I believe the car will still pass inspection." Antoine S.
"My last 6 cars have been Subarus...starting with a Brat, on to the Hatchback, then 2 station wagons, and last 2 have been WRX's. My current Subaru, a 2005   WRX is my dream car. Love how it handles & how it looks. Every once in a  while I think about trading for a new one, but just can't part with it! If I  win the 2009 Hatchback, it's going to my hubbie for a late birthday present, then we can BOTH love our Subarus."  Judy   L.
"I currently own a 2004 Subaru WRX and this car has been AMAZING! In every weather condition it holds it's own in comparison to any other vehicle I've owned (trucks included)." Shannon A.

Subaru owners are the most loyal of any car brand.

Love. It's what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

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