Subaru of Keene is YOUR import a Subaru into Canada specialist.
Importing your new or used Subaru into Canada from Subaru of Keene is fast, simple, and $$ rewarding.

(updated 1-30-14)


We are exporting used vehicles at this time.

Please view our used inventory.

At Subaru of Keene, New Hampshire, we've made importing a new or used Subaru from the U.S. to Canada simple and convenient. On average, our Canadian customers save thousands of $$ - (even after fees, GST/PST taxes and other costs) and our step-by-step process could save you even more. We handle all of your import paperwork - it's that simple! New Hampshire is also a sales tax free state.

spI'm so happy I purchased my new car from Subaru of Keene. It was recommended by a member of my family who bought a car from Subaru of Keene this summer. The experience was perfect from the start. I got great service from Mark and Anthony: I am from Canada and bought my car via email with Mark and got great advice. Mark is such a knowledgeable and customer oriented professional. When I picked up my car, Anthony, equally knowledgeable and courteous, went out of his way to make sure everything was perfect and gave me all the info so that I would safely drive my new Outback to Montreal (even going to the length of programming the dealership's number on speed dial in case I had questions on the way back). Mark was also there to greet me and make sure I was satisfied. In fact, everybody in the dealership was friendly and seemed happy for me. Going through customs was a breeze. The custom agent in Canada even said that if all papers were properly filled out like Subaru of Keene, his life would be easier! My only disappointment: I won't be able to get my car serviced at Keene! I'm recommending Subaru of Keene to all my friends and family.

The fact is that Subarus purchased in Canada simply cost more - in some cases, a LOT more. Let Subaru of Keene help you find the right car at the right price, whether new,Certified Pre-Ownedor pre-owned. Our customers come from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland - many from major cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and points east. Call us to find out how much YOU will save. After all, it's YOUR money. What's your savings threshold?

Hello Mark!

The car is truly spectacular! I'm really glad I forked the extra $$ for the limited edition! Awesome indeed. I'll need to keep a light foot as 90 MPH feels like 60 MPH!

The buying experience was superb and "seamless" as described. The US border was less then 10 minutes. We had to fill out a "vehicle Import Form"  on the Canadian side (40 minutes total for our personal non-commercial car import) & pay the Federal tax (5%) & $100 excise tax for the a/c.  This form gets mailed into the "Registrar of Imported Vehicles"  in Toronto with $195. 2 weeks later we received a different form in return and we go to the Canadian Tire store for the cursory inspection. After that we go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to procure the plates & registration. ALL DONE after that!  Not complicated at all and well worth the very significant amount of money saved.

All around it was a fantastic and productive experience & week-end escape.We enjoyed the southern N.H. scenery as well as the people at Keene of Subaru.  Mark, thanks again and my best to you and to our delivery host - Anthony Mastronardi - wonderful man!

P.S. We got pulled over by a New York Trooper close to the border. I think he was just checking us out since we were chatting on walkie-talkies. He must have liked our new car. Went his way without consequence. Lucky Legacy.

Very best regards & thanks again!


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Can I import a new Subaru into Canada?

YES. At Subaru of Keene you can import BOTH new and pre-owned Subarus into Canada. Subaru of Keene specializes in helping Canadians import Subarus into Canada. We will help you understand the differences between the US and Canadian models, allowing you to choose the right model to meet your needs.
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What Subaru vehicles meet import guidelines?

All 2012 and 2013 Subarus meet Transport Canada's List of Approved Vehicles Admissible from the United States. All 2012 and 2013 Subarus meet the EIS immobilizer requirement. The reference to EIS on their site only refers to how to get EIS if not installed on the car. That notation is listed on every brand whether they have EIS or not. All new Subarus have EIS as standard equipment. In addition, all Subarus have Daytime Running Lights (DRL). It's an important safety feature that comes standard on every Subaru.

As a Canadian, I have been investigating the benefits of importing a vehicle from the United States for a couple of years now. However, confusion and consequently concerns surrounded my decision to import. When I came across Subaru of Keene's web page, I was amazed at how well explained in simplified terms it was to bring a vehicle across the border. It was the easiest and by far best explanation of the importing procedure I have found in two years. WELL DONE! I called Mark Carey to ask about some options and he was happy to help me along the way. Congrats again on a wonderful web page and thanks for your help Mark! Blair C
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How many times do I have to come down in order to get my Subaru?

Only once - to pick your car up. The rest is handled over the phone and by email. You do NOT need to sign the paperwork we send to the border. Buying a Subaru from Subaru of Keene will be the best (and easiest) car buying experience you ever had. It is, quite literally, just one phone call away. Give us a call to find out how much you will save. We can even arrange to have the car delivered directly to your home!
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Can you deliver my Imported Subaru directly to my home?

Yes. Door to door delivery service is available through reliable, bonded and insured 3rd party transport companies. They would handle all of the import paperwork we provide them and deliver your vehicle directly to your home. Of course, it's more fun to pick your new car up in person - and it will save you money, too. Contact us for further details.

"Dear Mark, I hope you had a pleasant summer.I'm writing to mention that a letter of mine, specifically mentioning your dealership, has been published in the current edition of "CAA Magazine".CAA is the Canadian wing of AAA.I wrote that letter in response to an article in the previous issue which appeared to me to understate the potential savings from importing a vehicle from the U.S., and to overstate the hassle involved.My own experience, I said, couldn't have been better in both respects and I attributed that in large part to Subaru of Keene. Letter follows...NO HASSLE You're doing a wonderful job revamping the magazine so that it appeals to more than just the London-Toronto corridor, and it has more timely and interesting articles as well.I am responding to Edward Kay's article, "Wheeling and Dealing" (spring 2008), and I can say from personal experience that he not only understated the "do-it-yourself" option that he mentioned briefly, but also overstated any hassle involved. Last November, we purchased a 2008 Subaru Forester in Keene, NH. The dealership not only confirmed that it would sell to Canadians but also would prepare and send the required paperwork, including the documentation for the Registrar of Imported Vehicles. No adjustments or upgrades of any kind were required. Even including duty, all taxes and inspection, we purchased the vehicle for almost $10,000 below the quoted price from my local Subaru dealership. Canadian dealerships, like so many other merchants facing parity, need to honestly justify their prices." Barry and Susan Barner
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How does the US Subaru Warranty work in Canada?

This is the # 1 concern by many of our Canadian customers. Be assured that Subaru of America has reciprocity with Canadian Subaru dealers for warranty work. If you think about it, it makes sense, since so many Canadians travel to the states - especially in the winter months. Been to Florida in January lately? Your car may either be returned to the U.S. for warranty repairs or the owner can have the car repaired by a Subaru dealer in Canada, pay for it in full, and submit the bill to Subaru of America for reimbursement (in U.S. dollars). Please call our Canadian Specialist for phone, fax, and contact information at Subaru of America.Realistically, repayment takes about 6-8 weeks. The Certified Pre-Owned Warranty by Subaru Added Security is the ONLY extended warranty plan supported by Subaru. Nobody knows or will take care of your Subaru like Subaru. Here is an email directly from Subaru of America to one of our Canadian Customers who inquired about Warranty Coverage:

To: Ester
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 10:25 AM
Subject: RE: (SR #:1-1274492434) General Inquiries

Dear Ester,

Thank you for contacting Subaru of America, Inc. and for your inquiry.

Below you will find the information regarding the warranty agreement for Canadian citizens who wish to purchase newer Subarus with the intention of registering them in Canada.

As the Subaru Limited Warranty specifically states, "Any and all repairs must be performed by an authorized Subaru Dealer in the United States." Therefore, Canadian residents who purchase a Subaru in the U.S., then registers the vehicle in Canada, will have two viable options for obtaining warranty repairs:

1. Return the car to the U.S. for all warranty repairs at an authorized Subaru dealer at no charge:

2. Have the car repaired at an authorized Canadian Subaru dealer, pay for the repairs, then submit a copy of the Repair Order marked Paid for reimbursement to SOA through the CDS department at:

Subaru of America, Inc.
Subaru Plaza

P.O. Box 6000

Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034-6000

Attn: CDS Department

Best wishes,
Kelly Shinault

Subaru of America, Inc.

(Please read testimonials below from Subaru of Keene Canadian customers who had warranty work performed.)

"Mark,I was pleased to receive a reimbursement check for the first, and hopefully only, warranty claim I sent to Subaru of America after having repairs done on my Outback 2008 in Canada. It is the proof that warranty is honored for Canadian customers, as you mentioned when I bought the car.

I called the Subaru of America Warranty Department in mid-September and was told the reimbursement process normally takes from 6 to 8 weeks. I was impressed with the quality of the tracking system they use; the customer service agent accessed the car file with the VIN number and was able to tell me they received my claim on August 3rd. Sure enough, the check dated September 30th, 2009 was mailed on October 2nd, a full 8 and a half weeks after Subaru of America received the claim. What is most important here is that the warranty is honored within a reasonable delay.

I have been talking about my purchase at Subaru of Keene with many of my acquaintances. This proof that the warranty is honored may trigger them into buying a Subaru, especially since the exchange rate is currently very good for this type of transaction."

Serge Delisle - A happy Canadian customer of Subaru of Keene

Serge was asked, "Were you repaid the entire amount or were you shorted based on a different labor rate?"
He replied, " They paid the amount of the invoice, changed in US$ at the day of making the cheque. I lost around 15$ because of the exchange rate going down (or up depending on the side of the border). It could have been the reverse if the rate had gone the other way. There was no adjustment made for a different labor rate."

"Hi Mark,
Just a short note to let you know that my Impreza Outback Sport had a glitch...the gear shift would POP out of 3rd if I put the clutch in then out without holding the shifter. I brought it in to my dealer up here in Montreal...he informed me that YES that was a real issue, took the transmission off, replaced the parts, and put it all back together - all on warranty of course. They explained that the work and parts were covered by the warranty, however, that I had to pay up front and make a claim to Subaru of America (SOA). I called SOA and a customer service agent gave me a claim number and the FAX number to send my claim. She explained that once they received the copy of my bills (paid on my VISA), I would receive a refund from them and that it should take 2 weeks... SOA was really good... they organized it so that I could FAX my claim to a file that had already been opened in my name. The agent, Jennifer, found my file on her computer DATA base, checked my address and phone numbers...gave me a claim number. When I called in today, they found my file and claim using my name only and told me it was being processed."Summary...all went great with the dealer...very hassles...bills are very detailed for the warranty stuff.... and Subaru of America was extremely courteous and pleasant.
" P.S. I LOVE my SUBARU Impreza Outback Sport! What a great little model. It should be available in Canada!"- Phil H.

"Mark, I was getting conflicting information here in Canada about warranty work so I called Subaru of America at 1-800-SUBARU3 or 856-488-5000. They confirmed everything you said on your website about how the warranty would work and even suggested I call the local Subaru Service Manager (not sales person) to verify that they would do the work. I called the Service Manager and he again confirmed that they would do any warranty work on the car and that Subaru of America would reimburse me."- Sarah K.
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Will I have trouble getting my U.S. purchased Subaru serviced at a Canadian dealership?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. See previous question about Warranty related issues. The truth is that car dealerships make more money with the long term servicing and maintenance of a vehicle than they do selling the car. The Service Department is usually a separate profit center at a dealership and will welcome your work with no reservation. Well, you might need an appointment :). Your money is just as good as the next person. As for Warranty claims, the Service Departments actually get paid quicker working on US purchased cars because you pay them before you leave.
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What if I can't find the car I am looking for in your inventory?

All of our New , Certified Pre-owned and used Subarus are posted on our website and available for immediate delivery. Call our Canadian Specialist for details.There are some differences in features between the US and Canadian versions (particularly in color). Here are useful brochures and other information of each Subaru model.
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What happens at the US/Canadian border?

Many of our Canadian customers are apprehensive about the import process. They may have heard stories about how difficult it is. IT CAN BE if the dealer doesn't know what they are doing. We specialize in helping Canadians save money by Importing Subarus into Canada. Please read the words from two of our customers below:

Dear Mark,
I must admit that the buying experience has been perfect. My Subaru Legacy is already registered in Quebec and I have my license plate. The importing process was a child's play since all the documents were well prepared by Subaru of Keene. I worried too much for nothing!

I got at the American border at 13h00 on Friday and all the paperwork was already there, so the border officer validated my ID and said ' Have a nice trip home '. I then proceeded to the Canadian border where they checked the U.S Transport compliance sticker on the car. The officer then looked at the car title and sale receipt to calculate the 5% TPS. I then paid the $ 220.00 RIV fees and that was it !!!

I got back at home at 15h30 Friday. The next step was real easy. I faxed the Recall Clearance Certificate you provided to the RIV on Saturday morning and guess what...They emailed me the inspection form on Sunday morning! All I had to do was to go to my local Canadian Tire store to have the inspection done. It was a 5 minutes thing.

Final step was to go get my Quebec license plate with the completed inspection form. They checked all the documents, calculated the provincial tax to pay and VOILA...They issued the immatriculation plate. All that's pending in the process is to get the Transport Canada compliance sticker and place it next to the U.S. one on the car. The RIV already send me an email telling that the sticker is in the mail. So the hole process could not be easier.

Thanks a lot for this fantastic buying experience !!! I saved thousands of dollars and had a great time doing it!
Rene Bolduc

or this customer from New Brunswick

"We crossed both borders around 2p.m. Friday (today) and the car drove brilliantly. No problems at the border, it went according to schedule. When we arrived at U.S. Customs they were breaking in an new agent so it required a little patience. They were very polite. They checked my driver's license or any photo id. They then checked the VIN on the vehicle and stamped the documents.The Bill of Sale is important to Canada Customs for tax purposes. The process took about 20mins but normally would take half that time.

At Canada Customs we simply declared we were importing a vehicle and they took the paperwork you provided along with a driver's license and asked whether the vehicle was equipped with air conditioning ($100 tax). The RIV fee was $200 and separate from the GST of 5% of the selling price converted to Can$. The conversion rate is the rate in effect when you cross the border, in spite of the fact you may have paid less when you purchased the car. In this case it was 1.07x the selling price. A form is completed which confirms title to the vehicle and confirms GST has been paid.

The RIV fee, when paid by credit card, speeds up the generation of Form 2 which comes from the Registrar of Imported Vehicles, either by mail or email if an email address is provided. Otherwise, you may wait 5-6 days for the mail. Upon receipt of Form 2, both Form 1 & 2 are taken to a local Canadian Tire store who are authorized by the province to perform the necessary inspection. Assuming there are no changes to be made to the vehicle, they stamp the form 2 and these are taken to the MOT for licensing. At this point, the PST of 8% is paid (again calculated at the rate used at the border)."
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What fees do I have to pay and how much savings can I expect? What Subarus require a duty?

A summary of taxes and fees required are discussed here. Compare the results with your local costs and see why importing a Subaru into Canada from the US (Subaru of Keene) makes sense. You will get a whole lot more for a lot LE$$.
Be aware that:
  • The same $100 air conditioning fee you pay when buying a vehicle with A/C in Canada will be levied on your imported Subaru.
  • The same 5% GST and Provincial PST (or HST) you would be expected to pay when purchasing/registering a vehicle purchased in Canada would be paid on your imported vehicle, only you will be paying based on the U.S. purchase price, not the Canadian price - a significant savings!
  • Canada charges an Import Vehicle Fee of $195. This fee covers the Canadian Tire inspection, which is done at no additional cost to you.
  • Duty fees. There is NO DUTY under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) on the Subaru Legacy, Outback, and Tribeca models because they are built in Lafayette, Indiana. A duty of 6.1% is required on Impreza, Forester, WRX, Crosstrek and BRZ models because they are built outside North America. Regardless, the savings on these popular models far outweigh the added duty.
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I live in Alberta where my taxes are lower but plan on crossing back into Canada in Ontario. Will I have to pay the higher Ontario taxes?

It's a great question. Tax rates do vary by Provence. Some have GST only while others have GST/PST or HST. When a Subaru is imported into Canada you would pay the 5% GST at whatever border crossing you select. This can be paid by credit card. The remainder of the taxes (if applicable) are paid when you register the vehicle. Cars are exempt from the combined HST at the border. In provinces with HST, you would pay the the 5% GST at the border and the balance when you register the car, just like provinces with GST/PST. You can learn more by contacting Canada Border Services Agency .
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Are there any hidden fees?

NO.The final price we quote will be the drive-away cost. Also, there is NO SALES TAX in the State of New Hampshire and Subaru of Keene will provide you with a FREE 20 day temporary license plate to allow ample time for you to return home. You even get a full tank of gas and a Subaru of Keene hat!

Hello, Your website and pricing is very interesting. I'm Canadian, and starting to look to replace my 2005 Outback, with about 185,000 km. (Will probably pass it on to someone in the family). In my research, I see where Subaru is coming out with a diesel engine. Can you tell me when this will be available, and what models it will be on? As a high mileage driver, I am interested. FYI, I had a 2001 Outback which came to an untimely end. I was stopped at a traffic light, and was rear ended by mini van traveling at 75 kph (45+ mph) and pushed me into the car in front - no skid marks, she just didn't see the light. The Outback 'collapsed' in text book style. The car was a write-off, but thankfully I wasn't even scratched. The dealer here in Toronto sent the wreck out to Subaru Canada to analyze and it 'performed' exactly according to plan. For safety reasons alone, I would hardly consider another make.
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Am I eligible for US factory rebates and incentives?

Subaru of America does not permit Canadian customers to take advantage of U.S. rebates and incentives, however, your savings are so significant you will still benefit from purchasing your Subaru from Subaru of Keene. You can save even more with a quality, low-mileage certified or pre-owned Subaru. Subaru of Keene has a large selection of these as well.
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Can you provide financing?

We are unable to finance cars being imported into Canada. Many of our Canadian customers are either self-financed or seek financing through Canadian financial institutions. This would be similar to finding your own financing for a vehicle purchased in Canada. We provide your lending institution and your insurance company with the VIN number and any other important information they may need.When the vehicle is picked up payment is due in full by a certified bank draft (in U.S. dollars) or by wire transfer.
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What are my up front costs?

That is the beauty of working with Subaru of Keene. Many U.S. dealers that export Subarus to Canada require a non-refundable deposit to hold a car followed by a wire transfer for all of the money up front before they will even start the paperwork. We DO NOT do that! All we require is a small, refundable credit card deposit. We will complete all of the paperwork and have it sent to the border long before you ever arrive. Only after you inspect and take possession of the vehicle do you pay the balance as noted above. This gives you total control and peace of mind as you can see from the email below.

Dear Mark,
I can't thank you enough for your understanding when I had to cancel my order after losing my job. I know the paperwork had already been sent to the border and I fully expected to forfeit my $500 deposit. I can't even begin to tell you how surprised we were when you refunded my deposit even after I offered to let you have it for your effort. When my financial situation improves we will be certain to contact you and I plan on telling all of my friends what a class act Subaru of Keene is. Thank you, thank you, thank you.Jon R, Halifax
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Can I trade in my vehicle?

Unfortunately, issues with vehicle titles do not permit us to accept international trade-ins. Most of our Canadian customers sell their cars locally and then purchase their new Subaru from Subaru of Keene. The exception would be cars that were originally purchased in the US with title in hand. Contact us for details.
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Can I special order a car?

In an effort to meet the needs of all of our Canadian customers, we will fill all requests from in stock cars only and will no longer special order cars. This minimizes delays and provides a more responsive and timely service. If you don't see the color/model you are interested in, please call us. We may be able to "swap" with another dealer to get the car you want.
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Can I change the instrument cluster to metric?

There are no modifications that are required when importing a Subaru into Canada. The speedometer reflects both mph and kph. Most of our Canadian customers ask if they car either order the car with the Canadian (metric) instrument cluster or have it changed afterwords? Unfortunately, you can't flip a switch to change from one system to another. It is actually hard coded into the instrument cluster. To change from US to Metric would cost in excess of $1,000. It would have to be done in Canada as we do not have access to the Canadian instrument cluster. Although most people ask, I don't know of one Canadian customer who has done so. IF the instrument cluster is changed, it would NOT void the warranty. The change is documented both on the car and in the records.

THERE IS A COST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE that we have tested, used and can install on your car in minutes. ScanGuage  is a small digital display that can be configured to provide real-time data on KPH, distance traveled in KM, RPM, engine temperature, fuel economy, and much more. This device was recommended by one of our Canadian customers. We checked it out and liked it so much that Subaru of Keene decided to become an authorized distributor of ScanGuage. Since the speedometer shows KPH in smaller numbers, Canadians will love configuring the device to metric."
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Does Subaru's free roadside assistance and toll-free number work in Canada?


"Hi Mark, As a Montrealer, I wanted to let you know that I recently had occasion to use the Subaru toll-free roadside assistance line. My new Legacy was all of 6 days old when I drove over a piece of metal. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System light came on; and yes I had a flat tire as I drove into my driveway. I was ready to change the tire but remembered that there was a roadside assistance number on the driver's window. I called the number but I must admit that I had my doubts about whether the Subaru USA 1-800 number would even work from Canada. Not only did it work, a truck and person were dispatched to change the tire. They arrived within 20 minutes of my call; amazing!
It is comforting to know that this benefit of owning a Subaru (from Keene) applies in Canada. I am really enjoying the car and first time in a long time am looking forward to our first snow storm of the season. Best wishes, Derek"
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What paperwork is required to import my Subaru into Canada? Do I have to stay in the US for 3 days?

We will prepare and provide you with all the necessary paperwork to complete the transaction at the border. When you buy a Subaru from Subaru of Keene, we guarantee that you will NOT have to park your $25k+ new Subaru at the border because the paperwork is screwed up. We are very experienced with the process and will prepare the Recall Clearance Certificate and other required documents for you. All you have to do is pick up your car and drive home - or we can even arrange to have your Subaru shipped to you in Canada. You do NOT have to spend 3 days in the US when picking up your car. The 3 business-day day requirement is for your paperwork to be at the border before you cross back into Canada. We Fed-ex the paperwork to the border long before you get here and will not allow you to pick your car up until the 3 day requirement has been met (unless you plan on shopping in the states for a few days).
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Which border crossing should I use?

Click here for a list of U.S.- Canada border crossing points. Be aware that the paperwork we prepare MUST arrive at the border crossing of your choice and be logged in at least three business days before you cross. Again, we take care of that for you. Based on our experience and contacts, we may recommend one border over another based on volume, ease of use, and other factors.
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Do I need a passport to cross the border?

Effective June 1, 2009, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) requires all citizens of the United States and Canada to have a passport or other accepted document that establishes the bearer's identity and nationality to enter or depart the United States from within the Western Hemisphere. For Canadian citizens, a passport issued by the Government of Canada, a valid trusted traveler program card (FAST, NEXUS, or SENTRI), or an EDL. U.S. and Canadian children under the age of 16 will be able to present a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship.
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If we come down the night before, where do we stay?

Not to worry. We have arranged special rates for our Canadian customers at a local hotel that offers a full, hot breakfast, athletic facilities, and a large swimming pool. Ask us for details and pricing.
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Where can I get more information about importing a Subaru into Canada?

The BEST site to obtain up-to-date information is directly from the Canadian Government - Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles, an entire organization created to assist Canadians in importing cars back into Canada.When we have questions, we call the RIV directly at 1-888-848-8240. Also, check out Canada Border Services Agency on importing a car into Canada. We have found both agencies to be very friendly and helpful when making inquiries. Transport Canada has a great FAQ about importing a car from the US.
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How do I get started?

The most important is understanding the differences between U.S. and Canadian vehicles. There are many more choices in the US than in Canada. For example, there are 19 different models of Outbacks and 17 for the Forester.We have put together some model specific pages that will allow you to differentiate between the various models. When you are done, start shopping now and ask to speak to our Import Specialist.

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Canadian Customer Testimonials

 spOctober 11, 2011

Hello Mark,  Sylvie and I would like to thank you and the team of Subaru of Keene !!! Buying a new Outback has turned out to be a great experience. The minute we have walked in your dealership we have felt welcome and we understood what customer service meant! Dan, Anthony and yourself have made us felt like home and you have taken the time needed to make sure Sylvie felt comfortable with her new car! Everything you have told us the day we have contacted you about buying the car has happened exactly like you said. Taking Sylvie's new Outback through the U.S. borders took a few minutes, getting the papers at the Canadian borders took no more than 15 minutes and being on our way home to get the inspections and the Quebec plates was very simple and easy. We thank you for having made a day that could have been a long driving day a great day for all of us!!! Again, Thanks to you and your team! We look forward to see you again!
Sylvie and Francois

October 1, 2011
Dear Mark,

I hope you had a wonderful summer! With this letter, I just wanted to say that this service I received from the Keene team was perfect. When I first contacted you in january of 2011 and you gave me the price of the Outback 2011, I could not believe the price you gave me over the phone. It was 10 000,00 $ lower that the price I got in Canada (Quebec) for the same car and your car had more options.

Furthermore, I remember how stressed I was when I order the Outback because my wife was about to give birth at the end of April 2011. Soon after, there was the huge earthquake in Japan that cause an additional delay to the delivery of our car. Even with all these events happening you would always respond calmly to my question, to secure my worries. Finally, the car came in and I pick-it up on may 5th, 2011 at your dealership, in Keene. Unfortunately, you were sick that morning so we missed each other but I got a wonderful service from M. Dan Kuraner and M. Scott Peabody.

The return to Canada was stress free since all the required papers were sent at the proper Canadian border before our arrival. I can assure you that the wait was worthy! My wife and I are very satisfy with our purchase and we surely would recommend Canadians to by from Subaru of Keene. Last but not least we even had chance to test the Subaru warranty. Since, we had a little back door mechanism problem. We got it fixed in a dealership in Canada and got the reimbursement from Subaru of America within a month.

Sorry for taking so long before sending you this letter,

Jonas Germana

P.S: My new born baby Joah and my wife Annick are doing fine!


April 10, 2010

"Hi Mark, What a nice experience it was of buying our New Subaru Outback at Subaru of Keene. Everything went as easy as you had informed us. We drove back home the same day, had a nice and safe ride, even though it was raining. As we were advised, the documents were already at the custom broker office, so we only had to park at the American border, pick up the docs at the broker office, present it to the American custom agent and less than 5 minutes later we were crossing the Canadian border. There, not more than 30 minutes to get the import documents ready and the tax and inspection fee paid. After just need the RVI document, sent in the next 48 hours to plan the car inspection at Canadian Tire which took only few minutes as the Subaru is 100% compliant to the Canadian transport standards. Our last step, the car registration and payment of the provincial tax went as easy as the previous steps. After all this we are more than happy of our new Subary and our 20% of economy we have done especially with such a low exchange rate. Thank you to the all team for your warm welcome and professionalism. Best regards,

"Vraiment heureux de l'achat de notre nouvelle Subaru Outback chez Subaru of Keene. Tout s'est fait aussi simplement que vous nous l'aviez dit. Ainsi donc nous sommes reparti vers Montreal le jour de la prise de possession. Pour traverser la ligne, nous stationnons du bord Americain pour ramasser les documents au bureau de courtage. Puis nous nous rendons au poste de douane Americaine et en moins de 5 minutes les documents sont étampes. Nous repartons pour cette fois-ci traverser la douane Canadienne, environ 30 minutes pour recevoir les documents d'importation, payer la taxe de vente et le frais d'inspection. Nous voici reparti, cette fois pour la maison. Dans les 48 heures nous recevons le document du RVI pour l'inspection chez Canadian Tire. Il ne faudra que quelques minutes puisque la Subaru 2010 est 100% conforme au norme de transport Canada. Il ne reste que l'immatriculation, encore une fois un jeux d'enfant. Finalement nous sommes content de notre achat ainsi que de l'economie de 20%, le bas taux de change augmentant l'economie. Merci a tous pour votre accueil chaleureux et votre professionalisme. Cordialement, Christiane et Gilles

"Hi Mark
"When people made on-line comments about you being prompt and thorough, I can see now that they were telling the spot-on truth. I did receive all your emails.Thanks very much.

"Barring unforeseen circumstances, I won't be buying a new Subaru anytime in the next year or two.This week was the first time I had seen your website.The request for the e-price was simply to satisfy my curiosity, and see how much cheaper buying from a Subaru dealership in New Hampshire would be. In the future, I'd very much like to get a newer model Subaru (09 or newer). When I do, you can bet I will be referring back to your website (which I've bookmarked) and I will contact you then. I did also send links of your website to two co-workers. Thanks again for the rapid response and the information."
Brent in Ottawa

"Dear Mark,
I would like to reassure all you future Canadian customers who may be nervous about buying from you, that everything went for us exactly as you explained on your web site. The purchase and importation of our 2010 Subaru Legacy into Canada has been an easy and enjoyable experience to my wife and I.She was quite nervous about it, especially about how it would go at the borders. But everything went so smoothly.And it was worth the effort as we saved nearly 4,000$ compared to Canada . With the Canadian dollar rising, the savings can be even greater. The way we were received and welcomed at Subaru of Keene was also a treat. Thanks to all the staff, including your General Manager who so kindly served us breakfast that morning. And finally, we just love our new Legacy, having driven it for almost 2,000 miles within the first week. The CVT is a charm. The car provides a quiet and comfortable ride. I can't wait to experience it this winter!Subaru of Keene has delivered an excellent car and provided great service. Thanks again."

Linda Lemay and Yves Vermette

"So a week later, our Outback Ltd is licensed for the Canadian roads and ready for a trip to Florida. The simplest thing I can say is that aside from taking a short plane trip, this was the easiest car purchase we made.A special thanks to Paul Sucharzewski who looked after us all the way from Manchester until we headed off your lot towards Syracuse. The guys at your dealership are first class.

"There were no...absolutely no issues at the border and we were probably 10 minutes with U.S. Customs and 15 with the Canadian Officers.

"Thanks again...and you may hear from us in May. My car comes off lease."
Trish and Graham Avery

"Gentlemen: Arrived safely in Montreal on Monday. Had a great drive, the car was wonderful to drive and the colours this time of year were fabulous. A note of thanks to all. Your service and professionalism were very much appreciated. Mark a special thank you as the process at the border was as seamless as you described. It was a great comfort to work with a team that knows what they are doing and are prepared to provide the assistance necessary for a Canadian buyer to import a Subaru. My next step is to register/license the vehicle in Nova Scotia, but I do not anticipate any difficulty. Will keep in touch and I have no doubt that friends will be asking me about my experience and I will definitely recommend that they contact Subaru of Keene.

"Lastly, please feel free to share this email with potential buyers, especially from Canada. Also should the occasion arise where a Canadian buyer would like to contact someone who has purchased a vehicle from you then by all means, you have my permission to provide my email address for them to contact me (If you do, tell them to be sure to refer to Subaru of Keene in their subject line otherwise I may not open their email)."
B. Greig Horton

"Hello Mark,

"I am back in St-Ferdinand and the drive back was as planned, uneventful.

"Your paperwork was flawless and we went trough American Customs in about 10 minutes.Canadian Custom was just as easy if longer. 30 minutes to fill form one and pay for our tps, air conditioning tax and RIV. Again, the paperwork supplied was flawless. I guess Dan knows as much as he claims about this paperwork.

"I am now back home and I still have 19 days on my New Hampshire temporary plate to do 2 inspections. A federal one which should be completed next Monday at the local Canadian Tire, and a maybe a provincial one.

"As you recommend on your site, I gave an internet address on the RIV application so I should hear the needs of the provincial government insofar as inspections much sooner than the usual 5 or 6 days of return mail. If a provincial inspection is needed, I fell quite confident that it will be completed by the end of next week. If everything continues as planned, I will have used only 7 days of your 20 day temporary plate.

"I am extremely satisfied with the car you found for me, which is exactly what I wanted.I am also impressed by the excellent service you offer. Even the hotel you recommended was a lot for the money, just like the car.

"Since I change cars only every ten years, I won't see you soon but like they say in Star Trek, live long and prosper.Suzanne says "Hi" and thanks for everything..."

"Hi Mark,

"Would it be possible to have am item delivered to you at the dealership and then I would pick it up whenIget the Tribeca? My wife wants to order some clothesonline from Pendleton. They will not deliver to Canada and we do not have a US address to sent it to. It's an odd request but if you could help that would be great."


"Dear Mr. Perry,

"No words that can describe my experience with Subaru of Keene. As you know, I purchased a 2009 Subaru Forester and when I came down to pick it up, I happened to sit in a 2008 Tribeca in the showroom. I knew in my heart that I HAD to have that Tribeca. (This was 30 minutes before closing.) Your entire organization jumped into action. The Finance Manager and Mark Carey came in on their days off, recalled the Forester paperwork from the border, generated new paperwork, arranged financing for the price difference, prepared the car, and had me out the door the next morning to continue my vacation in the States.

"I will never forget the outstanding service I received from Subaru of Keene. I want to personally commend Mark Carey, your export specialist, for his work with me by phone, e-mail, and in person. He was professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. In fact, that really describes your entire organization. I will not hesitate to recommend Subaru of Keene to my friends and family. Thank you for making this the best buying experience ever."

Tony J. - Newfoundland


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