Guaranteed Trade Program at Subaru of Keene

You already love your Subaru - for its reliability, versatility and safety. But aren't you just a LITTLE CURIOUS what your current Subaru is worth? What if you could be assured a hassle-free, great value when you trade in your current Subaru and a great price on a new Subaru? Would you click the calculator below to find out? 

The Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Program ("GTP") has always provided owners the highest possible trade-in value from Subaru, but ONLY Subaru of Keene makes it easy and hassle-free...

GTP Click the calculator to find the Guaranteed Trade-in Value for your Subaru. (VIN number required.)

In many cases, Subaru of Keene is offering MORE than the GTP value.



Guaranteed Trade-In Program Rules and Eligibility

The Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Program ("GTP") Value is an exclusive offer -- only for owners -- that guarantees the minimum trade-in amount you will receive for your qualified Subaru vehicle when you purchase a new Subaru vehicle. The GTP Value is available for 6 years from the original vehicle warranty start date, beginning with 2004 model year vehicles. "Qualified vehicle" is defined as conforming to the below mileage and condition criteria. "Trade-in value" is what you can expect to receive from a dealership for a trade-in vehicle with standard manufacturer's equipment and a good condition rating. Current GTP Values are available for 2004-2010 Subaru model years and will be updated on a monthly basis.

Vehicle Mileage Criteria:
The Guaranteed Trade-In Program Value is based on the following maximum allowable total vehicle mileage at the time of actual trade-in:
Model Year 2004: 90,000 miles
Model Year 2005: 90,000 miles
Model Year 2006: 75,000 miles
Model Year 2007: 60,000 miles
Model Year 2008: 45,000 miles
Model Year 2009: 30,000 miles
Model Year 2010: 15,000 miles
The maximum allowable total vehicle mileage criteria will be updated monthly and posted here, .

Adjusting Trade-In Value:
If your vehicle exceeds the maximum mileage limits stated above and is not disallowed by the Vehicle Exclusions or the Vehicle Condition Criteria, your participating Subaru dealer will calculate a value based on your vehicle's actual mileage. Please visit Subaru of Keene to receive a complimentary and complete vehicle evaluation to determine the actual market value of your Subaru vehicle.

Vehicle Exclusions and Condition Criteria
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