All Oil Changes are Not the Same

Did you know that when you change your oil, the metal drain plug gasket should also be REPLACED? It's called a drain plug crush gasket and it's designed to be used only once. Recently, we had a Subaru towed to Subaru of Keene. It seems the owner went to a "Quick Lube" facility which reused the drain plug and crush gasket. (Most of these facilities don't even carry the part.) Over time it leaked, backed off, and then had a catastrophic failure - destroying the engine.  

At Subaru of Keene we replace this gasket on every oil change. It's your assurance that you are protected from the unthinkable. On your next oil change, let us show you what this gasket looks like. It's amazing how something so small can have such severe consequences.

When you bring your Subaru in to Subaru of Keene for an oil change, you get more than new oil. We

  1. Change oil and filter
  2. Check and top off all fluids
  3. Set tire pressure (very important for an AWD vehicle)
  4. Replace the drain gasket
  5. Check for leaks
  6. Check drive axle and suspension
  7. HAND WASH your car before turning the car back over to you.
  8. Offer a wait service, free shuttle, or even a loaner

ALL OF THIS FOR ABOUT THE SAME PRICE AS A "QUICKIE LUBE".  Call Subaru of Keene at 603-355-5000 | 800-355-2434 to schedule your next oil change or SAVE $5.00 by scheduling online. Your car will be glad you did.


Shopping in Keene and remembered your Subaru is overdue on its next oil change? Simply swing by Subaru of Keene's Quick Lube Bay and let our Certified Subaru Technician change your oil and give your Subaru a once over. While you are here, enjoy some free gourmet coffee and snacks and relax in one of our two customer lounges. Stay connected with our free Wi-Fi or stroll through our spacious showroom and dream about your next Subaru.

that your used oil and oil filter is recycled by Subaru of Keene? The old motor oil is filtered and re-used to heat our shop and the filters are picked up for recycling.