Meet Subaru of Keene's Internet Manager

You talk to someone on the phone or via the web but have you ever wondered who is the person on the other end of the line? That would be me, Mark Carey, "The Internet Guy". Here are my TOP 10 "qualities" that will allow you to get to know me better:

1. Adventuresome - I used to be an Army helicopter pilot, have sky dived, and am scuba certified; although, I am quite satisfied now keeping my feet on the ground.

2. Try new things - Last year I decided to try "Just for Men" hair stuff to get the gray out. The directions said to let stand for 5 minutes. I figured, if 5 minutes was good, 20 minutes HAD to be better. Oh my GAWD! I ended up running around the house screaming and scratching my scalp with a meat fork!

3. Healthy Habits - I don't smoke or drink but you might see me with a "sissy" drink (Strawberry Daiquiri or Pina Colada) on vacation. You won't find a six-pack in my house - either in the frig or on my abs. I do have six hairs on my chest, however.

4. Not athletic - In high school I wrestled for two years and won only one match - against a kid from Perkins School for the Blind (absolutely true). Needless to say, I am NOT a sports nut. As far as I know the Patriots fought the British in the Revolutionary War and the Celtics are an ethnic group in Europe. I do not own any Red Sox. I DO enjoy watching the Olympics.

5. Unique - I am mischievous, intellectual, faithful, honest, humorous, sensitive, and mature. I love my job at Subaru of Keene and the customers I work for. Expect a direct approach with straight answers with a little bit of humor mixed in.  I cry at sad movies and happy endings. I am playful, thoughtful, and calm under pressure (I have personally delivered two babies and performed CPR on numerous occasions). I like spontaneity - to pack up and go someplace on short notice. One goal I have is to eat my way down the east coast by visiting all the famous places featured on the Food Network. I also love to go on cruises.

6. Family - I am very close to my two beautiful daughters; one married and living in Chicago, and one working in the Seattle area. My first wife is deceased and I am now married to Kate, the love of my life, here in Keene.

7. "Down to earth" - I don't know what that means but ... I would rather drive a Subaru than a Lexus; grow my own pumpkins and wear shorts and Birkenstock sandals white socks (much to the horror of my daughters and wife). I don't hunt but I am a very good shot. I don't believe that you need "stuff" to be happy - just good health, a good woman, a dog, and a strong, tight family.

8. Positive attitude - One of my favorite sayings is "Life doesn't get much better than this." I believe there are only 6-7 really nasty people in this world. They just get around a lot.

9. Post menopausal - I made it through male menopause (mid-life crisis) without buying or crashing a Harley or getting an earring or tattoo. I like myself and my life and seek friends to add to it, not complete it.

10. Misc - I love dogs because they are faithful, always happy to see you, and love to go for walks or rides in the car. I don't care for Country music or brussels sprouts. I vote for the person, not the political party. I am not a couch potato and love to spend time outdoors. And finally, I make the BEST fudge you ever tasted!


Born: Worcester, MA
Education: B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern Univ (1977), MBA degree from City University of Seattle (2000)
Work History: Police officer, paramedic, U.S. Army Officer, Helicopter Pilot, National Sales Manager for Fortune 400 pharmaceutical company, web developer, entrepreneur, Internet Manager
Favorite Foods: Chili and Cream Cheese Dip, Macaroni and Cheese.
Other Activities: I serve on the Board of Directors for the Monadnock Humane Society

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